The APSA 2010 Exec List

Because you all want to know who we are 🙂

Clockwise from left: Richie Perry (Marketing Rep), Ahmed Marmoush (Marketing Rep), Patrick Wang (Social Rep), Eddie Kim (Education Rep), Arnold Hemiz (Sports Rep), Liam Sergeant (Mr. VP), Mohammed Raghib (Sports Rep), Wasif Mirza (Social Rep), Chloe Wong (Pub Manager), Katie Davis (Liaison Officer), Caylee Naidoo (Treasurer), Susannah Nguyen (Welfare Rep), Mimi Yang (The Big Cheese = Ms. Prez), Mays Shabbot (Secretary) & Renee Lilly (Social Rep)

Missing from the picture because they were too busy holiday-ing to bother looking after the 1st year kids at Freshers are (No, I kid 1st years, we all still love you): Ali Sarfarazi (Social Rep), James Kan (Webmaster) & Anisha Sandhu (Pub Manager No. 2)

A picture of Ali nicked from his FB account: (Sorry, Ali. I’ll let you know about this tomorrow during Dispensing Lab.)


A pic of James, the almighty computer whiz. He has eight years of experience in web-design, plus he knows a lot of computer troubleshooting (ever noticed how often Anne Rew asked him to fix the lecture hall computer? Yeah…)


And that’s Anisha (together with her Recipe for Academic Success).

We’ll get a formal pic of the APSA Exec out in due time, which will be taken… maybe at PUBCRAWL!!!! 🙂



Anisha & Chloe & James. (& The rest of the APSA Team!)

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