Pharmacy Hoodies!

We are very proud to introduce our first ever ALL ROUND Pharmacy hoodie! ­čÖé

Lets show those med/optom/nursing students that there is nothing fresher than a pharmacy student! These hoodies are going to be NAVY coloured unisex zip up hoodies (please find sizing chart attached)

The price of each hoodie is $50 (Both APSA & Non-APSA price)

Please talk to you respective class reps to sign up for a hoodie
P.s Please excuse my crap photoshop skills but this is basically how they will look but I guarantee the final product will look a lot cooler and cleaner!
P.s.s Brownie points for people who can tell me the pun on the front design

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 10.55.01 am


Have a great day!