To a new year.

Welcome to APSA 2016 – whether it be returning students or the soon to be new admissions. APSA is a non-profit organisation that aims to help provide festivities throughout the year and also support for all students in pharmacy.
I’d like to start off by thanking the 2015 committee for the excellent job they have done to allow us to be in this position and I’d also like to thank everybody who supported APSA in 2015 whether it be by attending all the events or simply just letting their voice be heard by voting for the new committee.
This year we have decided to try and reach out to the cohort in a more accessible way by making a Facebook page for everyone to see and follow. On here, we will post announcements, any news, job opportunities, and information about upcoming events. This will be a community page, which will be moderated, but everyone will be able to post about any experiences or news that they want to share and if appropriate, we will post it onto the page to reach the cohort.
We are very excited for what this year brings and hopefully we can improve and build on what we have accomplished last year and help make 2016 a great year for our student association.
Kind regards,
Jason Qu
APSA President 2016