2016 Pharmacy Camp Recap

The annual APSA Freshers pharmacy camp is a tradition that has been going on for as long as we’ve been in Pharmacy school and this year was no exception. A group consisting of mainly freshers but also a few 3rd and 4th years headed up to Whangteau for what would be a fun-filled weekend of activities and bonding.

Friday night was highlighted by an initiation event to welcome the new students to the more social and fun aspect of the school of pharmacy (no offense to the school in any way, we just think our events might be slightly more catered to 20 something year olds). Balloons were popped, onions were bobbed, and eggs were thrown.
Saturday featured a sports tournament along with a visit from a couple of the Grassroots reps which lead to a couple of very interesting activities, which I’m sure the freshers will remember for quite some time.

As fun as the camp was, the APSA committee do realize that this is impossible without the support of students and also our sponsors – we would like to thank all our sponsors for making this possible, with a special thank you to Kevin from ProPharma and Alison from Green Cross Health for journeying all the way up to Whangateau to educate our students on the many opportunities and wonderful things in the world of pharmacy today.

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Check out some of the photos we took on camp here.