Touch Footy 2016

Yesterday was one of the best turnouts to Touch we’ve ever had! Was awesome to see everyone get involved and have a go. Couldn’t have done it without you!

It was a lovely soiree for all involved, complete with a sausage sizzle(shoutout halal) and Red Bull, which the Marketing Reps were able to organise!
We want to thank ProPharma for coming out and fielding a team as well, as always they were without doubt a dominant force!
Thank you so much to Nai as well, who was referee throughout the tournament. Without his firm but fair attitude all would have been lost.
Lastly thank you to all the people who helped out setting up, cooking, taking photos, cleaning up and just making it a praiseworthy event overall.

Excluding the general pillaging of ProPharma, the final pool results were 4th years coming away with 2 wins, 2nd years with a win and a loss, and 3rd years losing both games. This meant that the finals would be played by the 4th years and the 2nd years.
In the final to determine the winner, the end result was a stalemate at 1-1, between 2nd Years and 4th years.

At this stage, the Pharmacy Sports Winners for 2016 is still to be determined, so gather up your cohort for the next sports events to come in the future!


Check out the photos we took here.