Running Around the Bays

What a day for running/jogging/walking! Sunday turned it’s weather on for this magnificent event to raise money for various charities.

This was our first year running this event (hold for applause) as a group and it was an amazing effort from everyone involved. A huge thank you goes to the Sports Reps, Jordan and Dan, for their blood, sweat, and tears in making this event a possibility. It started with an idea for a nice group event that everyone can participate in, regardless of endurance levels, and it came to fruition and was much more than that.

Congratulations go to everyone that ran or walked the event, particularly Miles and SJ who both finished in less than 36mins and to Phoebe and Lizzie for finishing in 43mins; these are some excellent achievements.

We hope the induction of this event will pave the way for the following years to come and that it only grows bigger and better!

IMG_5140 IMG_5198

Check out the photos here.