An Island Pub Crawl

We’d been waiting all week, so boring, but we ended that boring week on a high note with pub crawl! FRIDAY NIGHT!

It was awesome seeing everyone there committing to the theme of short sleeves even on a cold and windy Auckland night. Everyone got lei’d and was in their floral shirts to go along with the theme, Island Life.

The night had it all. Drinks were had, pizzas were eaten, and bulls were ridden. Everyone had a good time and the fourth years will definitely remember this pub crawl!

‘Sheikh sheikh, sheikh sheikh sheikh it!’ -Mo, the sheikh

Thank you to the social reps for the hard work they put in to making this night a success. Food and drinks were supplied to all, the buses ran smoothly (no one got left behind), and we went to a range of bars around Auckland.

‘Bar 101 was my favourite!’ -Cloudy

Thank you everyone who came and we wish to see everyone at the annual ball later in August!

IMG_5873 IMG_5782

Check out the photos here.