Sponsors Evening and Hypnotist Show

Marketing Extravaganza!
Hypnotist Show!
APSA Pack Collection!

We had an amazing time the other night, full of information and entertainment. We were delighted with the turnout and special thanks go to our sponsors for coming in. They spoke to us about the future developments of the profession and direction that pharmacy is heading in.

Thank you to Alison from Green Cross Health, Kevin from ProPharma, Kelly and Jamie from BNZ, Fay from LOTS, and Gina and Rachel from BDO for coming and speaking to the pharmacy students.

We had an exciting first time event with special guest, comedy hypnotist Gerard V! Everyone had an amazing time and we’re sure those that volunteered had an a really relaxing sleep after the show. It was surely an experience that most will not forget (or remember).

The marketing reps have done an extraordinary job this year, from getting sponsors to help support APSA to getting them in to speak to us to arranging the APSA packs. We want to take this opportunity to thank Megan and Miles for putting in endless hours to get these events and APSA packs sorted. Thank you and well done guys.

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Check out the photos here.