2018 Freshers Camp



Fresher’s camp in 2018 will be held at Martins Bay Holiday Park, just north of Auckland, and will be from Monday 12th Feb to Wednesday 14th Feb. It’s one of the first opportunities for you to meet some of the classmates you’ll be working alongside for the coming 3 years of your degree and beyond. It’s also a chance for you to meet and start making connections with people from the years above, which will make your time up at Grafton campusmuch more familiar and friendly. It is organised and run by APSA.

There will be sports, relaxing, socialising activities, talks from sponsors and Grassroots rural health club will also run activities on one of the days! (always a real highlight). There’s also a party on the last night of camp for those of you who are keen. We try to provide activities for all interests and try to make sure you all get to meet each other (and us, the APSA executive team) in the best way possible!

Martins Bay Holiday Park, Mahurangi East. We will take you there and back on a bus from the University (see below)

Pickup – Monday 12th Feb at 9:45 AM
Arrival back at University – Wednesday 14th Feb at 4:30 PM

Pickup/Dropoff location:
Outside the main entrance of the University of Auckland, Grafton Campus, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences (85 Park Road, Grafton).

$130 for non-APSA members
$120 for APSA members*

*APSA membership is $25 for 1 year, $45 for 2 years and $65 for 3 years).
You can sign up for APSA membership (and we strongly recommend that you do) by paying for your membership at the same time as the camp fee.
$145 for CAMP + 1 year APSA membership
$165 for CAMP + 2 years of APSA membership
$185 for CAMP + 3 years of APSA membership

Please visit the UoA Pharmacy 2nd Year Student Facebook page for bank transfer details and be sure to email apsaexec@gmail.com once you have made your payment to confirm your spot!

You’ll be hearing from a few sponsors, getting involved in some activities and just having an all around good time. Spaces are strictly limited so make sure you sign up and get involved. The sooner the better! You don’t want to miss out on this!

If you have any more questions regarding camp, please don’t hesitate to email us at apsaexec@gmail.com.

To sign up please visit the UoA Pharmacy 2nd Year Student Facebook page for the google sign up sheet or email apsaexec@gmail.com.

If you’ve signed up and paid and forgotten to email us please make sure you send through an email ASAP!

All the best as you prepare for the year to come. We hope your summer is relaxing and refreshing and will take you into a year that it overwhelmingly rewarding.